you say you want to die but,
you still put that seat belt on
and look both ways before crossing the street
you lock your windows and doors
you would scream if someone was following you late at night
you would run for your life
but you do want to die
you just want to die on your own terms.

I have this on my blog like 6 times its amazing

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anatomy of a panic attack


accurate as fuck
Ich vermisse das, was damals zwischen uns war.

damals. der zug ist wohl abgefahren.

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saturday evening
Eltern: Warum redest du nicht mehr mit uns?
Ich: Hab's versucht, oft genug. Jedes mal nur angeschauzt wurden und gesagt bekommen, was ich besser machen sollte. Und ihr wundert euch noch?

Um-hmm… Joke about people who self harm all you want, but realize that jokes just make us pull down our sleeves and hate ourselves for our weakness even more. 

that’s what they want. they punch others down just to make themselves feel better. such a cruel society